Friday, November 29, 2013


Wacky Waikiki

Well, at long last, here's the start of my photos from Hawaii. Actually, I have been back for a bit over a week, but the Oldies and I have been getting over severe cases of 'Flu that we got from the ship. In fact Mum got pneumonia and so did a lot of other people; the ship's air-con was ridiculously cold. So here's me at Waikiki Beach. And aren't I one cool bear? Thanks to Unka Paddy for the Hawaiian shirt, it worked wonders as a chick magnet. Now Waikiki beach is famous the world over, but to an Aussie bear it is a bit second-rate. Our Aussie beaches and surf are much bigger and better. And guess what? Some of the sand on Waikiki Beach actually comes from Stockton Beach near Newcastle. That's right, it is Aussie sand. You see, the beaches in Hawaii are black and gritty because they are made of ground up lava from the volcanoes that made Hawaii so Aussie sand is imported to top up sand dredged from offshore to make the beach look good. So I was a bit disappointed with the beach. One thing lives up to the reputation though. The sunsets are spectacular.  We actually had a great time in Hawaii and I got to see everything that was on my "bucket list", so expect lots more photos.

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