Tuesday, October 18, 2016


My New Home

Well, the time since my last post has been the busiest of my life so far. The Oldies sold our old home and bought a brand new apartment. They will tell you that it was to get away from the stairs that their ageing joints were finding too hard to cope with, but whatever the reason, I really love the apartment. It was 5 weeks of stress, strain and worry, but we are now pretty well settled in. Only a small bit of unpacking and storage to do now. We own the top floor apartment that wraps around the end of one wing of the complex. If you look hard at the first picture you can see Mum and I on the balcony, looking at the view. It is easier to see us in the second picture. I have picked my favourite window sill to sit on and soak in the Sun and the view. I can see right across to the Brindabella Range. One day it even had snow on the high peaks. My other favourite spot is on the balcony rail. The most exciting thing I have seen from here so far is some firemen fixing an alarm that went off when some idiot knocked a fire sprinkler off. I am going to really enjoy living here and watching the views of hills, clouds and people.


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