Friday, May 11, 2018


ANZAC 2018

This post is a few weeks late. We have had a busy time with getting Mum's legs and feet working properly. She had to have big needles in her feet; it made Dad queasy looking at the monitor during the injections. However, she should be back walking OK very soon now. Just as well because the Oldies have been planning our next overseas adventure and we are all counting down the days until we board the aeroplane. So, April 25 is ANZAC Day, commemorating the service and sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women. We always go to the Australian War Memorial (AWM) to pay our respects on this day. This year the Oldies were not well enough to go to the Dawn Service, so we went in the early afternoon. We started the visit by watching a flypast by 3 RAAF FA-18s, and then found the names of family members on the Wall of Remembrance. I love the way that people put poppies in the wall next to the soldier/sailor/airman they are remembering. For a small bear some of the interesting bits are the vehicles and artillery on display outside the memorial. This year there were 5 that I hadn't seen before. There are also many memorial plaques and sculptures in the gardens. The AWM is something that all Australians should visit.

Where are we traveling to next? This small photo should give you a clue...

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