Saturday, April 27, 2013


Old Vehicles at Oaklands

Last weekend we went down to Unka Mark and Aunty Vicki's bush block near Pambula to help them mow the long grass. There is a great cafe and garden centre called "Oaklands" in Pambula and we called in there for lunch on the way home. While the Oldies were having lunch I wandered off to inspect the collection of old vehicles. The first thing you see is a big sign that says kids have to be kept under control. It didn't say anything about small bears, so I didn't worry about it and had a ball climbing over everything. The car is a Rugby. Dad knew about that brand, but nobody else did; I guess his age shows. The sign on the windscreen forbids people from sitting or climbing on the car but, again, small bears were not mentioned. They weren't mentioned on the sign on the old stagecoach either. Actually, the sign on the coach looks like it may have been written by a small bear. Click on the image to make it bigger and take a look at the spelling :) As for the wagon near the windmill, I just say that climbing on it was a real barrel of fun (or maybe bearall of fun). I love old vehicles, especially when nobody is around to stop me investigating them.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Exploring Voyager

There's always something new to see and do on "Voyager of the Seas". Scruffy and I climbed over everything that we could get to during our fortnight on board, but have things left over for next time (that's a big hint for the Oldies). One of the most important things to find out is what to do if anybody falls overboard, so we found out where all of the life preserver rings were stationed. You can find these at many places around the decks of cruise ships and the idea is that if somebody falls over you toss one of these rings to them, trying hard not to hit them. I would love to have a go at that, but can't convince Scruff to jump overboard. As you can see, the rings on Voyager are big enough that one would probably hold all of the small bears on the ship. Another interesting thing we found was a wall covered in flat statues (flatues?) in the play area. One section had this banjo-playing crab. Now, as long-time readers know, I do not like crabs. However, this one was definitely not a threat so I took the opportunity to find out a bit more about how crabs are built. I couldn't get the banjo to work at all.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In the Sounds

It is worth cruising to New Zealand just to travel through the Sounds (NZ for Fiords). They are some of the most spectacular scenery that you will ever see. The top photo shows Dad ready to fill up more space on the camera with yet more images of waterfalls and cliffs. You can see that it was pretty cold at the time. It was just after dawn when we entered Milford Sound on "Voyager of the Seas" and the decks were full of people in arctic gear. Why was Dad's hood pushed way back on his head? It was because it kept falling down in front of his eyes just as he was ready to get that special photo :) The bottom photo was taken in Dusky Sound. This sound is not as narrow as Milford and, unlike Milford, you can enter it from either end. Cruise ships often pass one another in there. Scruffy and I are watching "Dawn Princess" go by. As you can see, Voyager is a much bigger ship; but I wouldn't mind cruising on one of the Princesses sometime (Dad take note).

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Monsters at the Museum

You can find all sorts of interesting things in museums. Here are some things that I found in the museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville. While the Oldies were spending ages in the section that had the remains of HMS Pandora and the history of the shipwreck, I wandered off to find the dinosaurs. There are a lot of model dinos there, all of real ones that lived in Queensland zillions of years ago. Most of them are full-size and a bit scary if you are a small bear. But I did find one that was just the right size for me to ride. I am not sure what sort of dino he is, because Dad didn't take notes. He may be a small Muttaburrasaurus (the dino, not Dad), maybe some reader can tell me. Anyway he looks like a plant-eater and a fast runner. The scariest thing was hanging over the stairs. I went off to find Nemo, like the sign said, and there he is with a humungous shark chasing him. I wanted to skewer the shark with one of the harpoons from an exhibit, but the Oldies wouldn't let me. A pity because the shark is full of gas and he would have zoomed off like a rocket if I hit him in the right spot.

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Thursday, April 04, 2013


Singapore by Night

Singapore at night is a magical place, all lit up. I think that buildings and monuments look their best like this, so here's a building and a monument all aglow. The building is the Marina Bay Sands Resort. Dad calls it the "cricket stumps" building because with its three towers and the Skypark across the top it does look like wickets and bails. We stayed on the other side of the marina and this photo was taken from our balcony. Actually, Mum got so excited filming a light show one night that she accidentally locked Dad outside and it was a while before she remembered him :) The bottom photo is the Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. He really glows when the light is on him. The great thing about Singapore at night is that it is a bit cooler and the humidity is a bit lower, so lots of people are out and about, making the city buzz. When these photos were taken it was only 30 degrees Celsius and 85% humidity, and that is a tad better than daytime. I am looking forward to our next Singapore stopover; I have done lots of homework and found lots of extra things to see.

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