Friday, January 19, 2018


A Jolly Fine Eatery

On all of our trips the Oldies like to find odd, strange and unusual places to eat. They search for strange decors and good food at reasonable prices. This restaurant (I finally learned how to spell that word), the Drunken Admiral, on the docks in Hobart really ticks the boxes. The walls and ceiling are covered with nautical gizmos. The largest item is a statue that looks more like a pirate than an admiral, but I guess that's what a hard life and booze can do to you. The food is mostly seafood, which is bad news for Dad because he is allergic to anything with a shell on or in it, but they also serve "landlubber" food and he reckons that the special fried chicken is some of the best he has ever set teeth into. Mum, of course, is the exact opposite and absolutely loves the way they serve up the seafood. Well worth eating there when you are in Hobart. By the way, despite what it looks like in the first picture, Dad was not being sick into the cauldron, just checking the way it was made.


Wednesday, January 03, 2018


A Bartboat!!

Santa did it for me again. Over the years he has brought me all sorts of vehicles, mostly in the markings of the Royal Aussie Bear Force. The missing vehicle has been a boat. Well, early on Christmas morning I headed for the tree and, sure enough, there was a parcel there for me. It is a bit of a struggle for a small bear to rip through layers of wrapping, but I dug away and there it was - a rocket-powered hydroplane speedboat. Now to find a place where Mum will let me take the risk of getting wet... Actually, I think that I have this Santa thing sorted out. For the last month before Christmas, Dad was busy cutting and shaping panels and blocks of balsa. His only explanation of what he was up to was "Elf business". Sounds pretty certain to me that Dad "Elf" could actually be the household Santa, but it pays to keep quiet while the presents keep coming.


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