Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Well-guarded Lighthouse

One of the places we visited in Western Australia was Cape Leeuwin. This is the most south-westerly point on mainland Australia, and has a magnificent lighthouse on it. It is the tallest mainland lighthouse in Australia and has been in service since 1895. Before you can get to the lighthouse you have to pass its fierce guardian, the Moorine Marauder. This pirate cow is complete with eye patch, rum keg, hook replacing a hoof (presumably lost in previous fighting), telescope and parrot. She keeps a sharp eye on all visitors coming up the path from the car park. She is one of the multitude of pieces of cow art made for the international cow parade in 2010, and is probably the only one remaining in her original location. I quickly made friends with her. She let us pass but would not let me sample her rum. More of the lighthouse next post.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Worrying Signs

Occasionally I see a sign that worries me a bit, or makes me chuckle. Here's a couple of them. The first one was spotted near a Canberra petrol station. Just across the road is an empty paddock that sometimes has cows put in to keep the grass down. The truck parked here on this occasion must surely worry any cow that can read. You would expect them to be really anxious about their fate. Given the relaxed attitude of the cows near the truck, I guess that none of them can actually read. The second photo is of a seagull perched on a car in the parking area near one of the lighthouses we saw on our WA trip (photos soon). The car is a hire car from the "No Birds" company. Now either the seagull can't read or it is being deliberately disobedient. From my observations of seagulls and their behaviour, I strongly suspect that disobedience is the case.


Friday, August 11, 2017


Back From WA

As some of you noticed, I have been away for a couple of weeks; thanks for your emails asking if I was OK. Nothing bad had happened, I was in Western Australia. The Oldies decided to see a bit of Australia that was new to them, the south-western bit of WA. Naturally, this corner of the continent has many wineries and some lighthouses. That seems to be the way that the Oldies plan itineraries these days. It takes 4 hours to fly to Perth (I used to call it Perf when I was younger) so the Oldies decided to use all our frequent flyer points and go business class. We had great flights over and back in this aeroplane. For a couple of days at the start and end of the trip we stayed at Crown Towers in Perth. Big brother Trent managed to get us a special deal there and we stayed on the second floor from the top. We had great views over the city, but the weather turned bad for most of our stay and I couldn't try out the pools; I guess Mum wouldn't let me anyhow, she has this thing about me getting wet. Despite the rain and wind, we saw 3 amazing lighthouses and visited some superb wineries.

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