Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Nightmare Stuff

I hate crabs. The nasty things live in the sea, rock pools and beaches. I love going to the beach and looking at the cute greeblies in the rock pools, so you can see that crabs are a problem for me. I can deal with little ones, provided I have a big stick to belt them with or a pile of rocks to toss at them, but big ones give me the creeps. Well, here's a big one. Fortunately, he is safely behind thick glass at the Merimbula aquarium. I was showing Blu what the enemy looked like when the photo was taken. There are big crabs like this all around the coast of Australia, but mostly in deeper water. Although I would really like to go snorkelling with the Oldies, if I bumped into something like this I would be out of the water quicker than Mum was when she met the sharks at Lord Howe Island (that's another story).

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