Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Bear Bobsled

Santa played a mean trick on me this year. He left my present under Unka Mark and Aunty Vicki's tree, so I had to wait until lunchtime to get to it. All morning I was taken around to other places for breakfast and morning tea and had to watch Oldies and kids unwrapping presents. That's really tough on an impatient small bear. Eventually we made it to MY present. Just what I had asked for, my very own bobsled. That covers a vital gap in my transport fleet. I can now zip around in snow. All I need is snow, which doesn't fall in Canberra very often, but when it does I am ready. In the meantime the bobsled has tiny wheels that let me zip across the tiled floors. Note the Royal Australian Bear Force markings. This goes with the RABF aeroplane Santa bought me last year. I suspect that Santa contracted the construction of both vehicles out to one of his larger elves. I can't say which one, just in case I spoil future jobs, but the photo of the Oldie with the weird hat and the mug of Jingle Juice is a strong hint for you.

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