Monday, January 02, 2012


New Year Again

Don't the years fly past quickly? Here it is 2012 already and I was just catching up with 2011. Something has been puzzling me for ages - Why do Oldies go a little bit crazy on the last evening of the year? Just look at these Oldies of mine. I don't mind them wearing silly masks, but I object strongly to the pressure on me to do the same. Fortunately the only mask that fits me belongs to my alter ego, the Crystal Avenger, so nobody dares laugh at that. So what did we do on New Year's eve? We went for a walk in town and saw some of the concert and the preparations for the fireworks, walked around a bit of the lake and then went home to watch the really big fireworks at Sydney on the TV. The great thing about watching fireworks on TV is that the mozzies can't get at you. The little pests were biting outside as soon as it got dark. Blu hadn't seen fireworks before so I had to teach him all about the different sorts. Dad was a chemist before he was an astronomer, so I know a bit about how fireworks get the different colours and patterns. There is no doubt about it, Sydney has the best fireworks. No where else in the world has such a spectacular harbour as the setting, and most places don't spread their displays over such a large slice of the city. I love it all, New Year, fireworks, Sydney, harbours, even silly Oldies. Did we share a few samples of things alcoholic? What do you think?

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