Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wollongong Harbour

This is one of the prettiest harbours in New South Wales. It is Wollongong harbour and is really two harbours combined into one by the breakwaters. The first harbour is called Belmore Basin. It is on the far side of the picture behind the wharf where the fishing boats are moored. Belmore Basin was dug out by convicts in the 1860's and the small lighthouse was built on the end of the breakwater. Later on the breakwater in the front of the picture was built to make a bigger harbour, today the new area is used by yachts and motor-boats. The hill in the background is Wollongong Head and it has a historic fort and a bigger and newer lighthouse on it. No doubt about it, harbours with boats and lighthouses look really great when the weather is good.

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