Thursday, February 16, 2012



While we were at Araluen, I did a bit of exploring down by the river. Last year the river flooded and dumped loads of broken trees and junk along the banks. Now this stuff is slowly rotting away and it provides lots of homes for all sorts of bugs, beetles and small mammals. The problem is that it is still damp and mouldy and that means that Mum wasn't happy about letting me go pottering around in it. The solution? Borrow Aunty Vicki's gumboots. Gumboots are great things. They keep your feet dry in shallow water and are too tough for mozzies and snakes to bite through. In the top photo you can see me coming out of a little cave, probably dug out by a small wallaby for a resting place (at least there was lots of wallaby poo in it). Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I have the boots on the wrong feet. That didn't matter because my legs aren't long enough to get my feet down there anyway. As for the bottom photo, well, as you know, gumboots are very necessary gear for crossing puddles without getting your feet wet.

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