Saturday, April 14, 2012


New Friends

Meet my new friends, Unka Ray and Aunty Libby. Unka Ray is an astronomer, like the Oldies, and they meet up at conferences. They all get on together very well, and are actually more mischievous that this small bear is supposed to be. Our stay with them after the Brisbane conference was an occasion of many coffee shops, cafes, ressertorunts (I still can't spell restaurant) and much wine. Where am I in the group photo? Well, who do you think took it? Now, one of the new friend's I met was Unka Ray's small droid, R2D2. This little guy talks so fast that his words come out as whistles and beeps. He actually talks faster than Mum. Evidently he comes from somewhere out in space. I had to spend ages teaching him about Earth, with the help of Unka Ray's spinning globe. There are more like him out there and I have asked Mum to track them down and invite one to live with us. Here's hoping.

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