Thursday, April 26, 2012


Concrete Critters

Up in Hervey Bay, where Unka Ray lives, there is a big marina. We sailed out of this marina for our great whale cruise back in 2006. Because lots of whale-watch boats use this marina there is a life-sized statue of a humpback whale just outside the information centre. These whales certainly are big. Just to give you some idea, I am sitting at the base of the flipper of this one, just where it joins the body. I am 18cm high when I am sitting down, so you can see how big a whale is. They certainly look huge when you are seeing them from the deck of a small catamaran and they are scratching their chins on the rudder. I love whales. I can't say the same for the critter in the bottom picture though. It was on the end of a wharf near a big catamaran, just near where we were having morning tea. A big saltwater crocodile. I didn't like the way it was staring at me. I was awful glad when they told me it was concrete, not a real one. Mum doesn't have to tell me to keep out of the water when I am in croc country.

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