Monday, May 07, 2012


I Got Mail !

Guess what was in the mail today? A parcel addressed to ME. From Unka Ray and Aunty Libby! I could hardly wait to get it home from our post box and get it open. After a session with a sharp knife, cutting through lots of sticky tape, I got the box open. There was a card inside with a message for me, and a big packet of special cookies - ginger ANZAC biscuits. As far as I know you can only get these biccies from one place in Australia, the Ginger Factory at Yandina in Queensland. We visited there when we were staying with Unka Ray and Aunty Libby after Easter and tried some of the goodies available there. Dad liked the ginger gelato (no surprise there), Mum liked the ginger marmalade, and all of us really liked these biccies. Since we got back to Canberra Mum has dragged Dad and I all over the place looking for them. I can tell you that although some shops here sell the ginger marmalade none of them sells the biccies. Well, I figure that since my name was on the parcel and the card is written to me, the Oldies are going to have to be on their best behaviour if they want some of these special ANZACs. Do visit the Ginger Factory when you are travelling north from Brisbane. There is lots of good stuff there.


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