Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Meet King Macca

Whenever we drive up the Pacific Highway to Queensland we pass this giant. He lives just north of Ballina. How big is he? Well, that's Scruffy, Blu and Milkshake sitting with me on the rocks near his feet. Work it out from that; he's big. He is called King Macca and that's his castle in the background. It is called Macadamia Castle, and it is the shop and display centre for the local macadamia nut farms. Macadamias are a native Australian bush nut, not Hawaiian like lots of people think. They were first planted in Hawaii in the 1920's but Australian aboriginals have been eating them for tens of thousands of years. You can try lots of different food containing macadamias in the castle (Dad liked the macadamia ice-cream; you could have guessed that) and buy all sorts of macca things. I would have liked to have my photo taken on King Macca's shoulder, but it is too high for Dad to reach and his armour is too slippery for small bears to climb. Wave to him as you drive north from Ballina.

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