Thursday, May 31, 2012



Only two sleeps to go, then we are off overseas! I am going to places with names that sound like Singy Paw and Do Buy. I will be flying on the biggest airliner in the world, the Airbus A380. I am getting really excited. The only way I can sleep is to remember that the time until we go is measured in sleeps. The Oldies have their suitcases packed and we are busy getting the paperwork sorted and into our backpacks with the other things we need in the aircraft cabin. My backpack is a lot smaller than the Oldies'. That's because I use their iPods and Kindles and Mum's iPad so I don't have to carry any of that big stuff. The biggest problem I have is carrying my money. For ages now I have been collecting all the gold coins that the Oldies leave around the place and have been storing them in my Cash Cow. The pile is too big for my pack, so tomorrow we are going to the bank and getting the pile turned into notes. Why do I have such a hoard? It's to buy Mum pretty things in the Duty Free shops. Back with lots of pictures in a few weeks.

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