Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Unka Ray's Birds

Unka Ray and Aunty Libby live in a house that is in the middle of a patch of rain forest in Queensland. They have lots of critters living in the forest. One of them is a big carpet python called S-s-s-s-cyril. I hoped that he would visit them while I was there, but he obviously had better things to do for those few days. However, there are stacks of birds that live there. Here's some photos of the ones that are not camera-shy. The top one is a young Kookaburra, hoping for a handout of mince or cheese. Kookas are the largest kingfishers in the world. Normally they eat small reptiles and mammals, although sometimes you see them with fairly large lizards or snakes that they have killed and are trying to eat. The pretty guys in the bottom photo are Blue-faced Honey-eaters. They are also called Banana birds because they live in the same areas that bananas grow. These ones have Unka Ray trained. Every morning around breakfast time they come and sit on the veranda rail and whistle for honey or jam and Unka Ray or Aunty Libby have to feed them. If the humans are late, the birds fly off and sit in the trees until Ray whistles to let them know brekkie is served. I think they are pretty, but pesty. Actually, I wouldn't mind living in a rain forest as long as there was a beach nearby.

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