Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Back From OS

Hi everybody, I am back from our overseas trip to SingyPaw and DoBuy. It has been a great couple of weeks and the Oldies took 3400 photos (don't worry, they won't all be shown on the blog). We flew Singapore Airlines. They offer the best deals on flights out of Australia and reasonably cheap stopovers in Singapore (that's SingyPaw to small bears). We flew in an Airbus A.380 on the Australia-Singapore legs of the trip. What a great aircraft. Lots more space than on other aeroplanes and very, very quiet. In fact the only disturbing noise was a Malay kid who screamed during most of the climb and letdown on the Dubai to SingyPaw flight. If small bears weren't so peaceable, I would have throttled him. The Oldies planned ahead and booked the exit rows on the flights, so we had plenty of leg-room and space to stand up and bounce around in. What I specially liked was the pop-up TV screens that I could watch movies on and check out the 'plane's position. Flying is fun, although it does tend to be a bit of a bind on the long stretches. That's where small bears have the advantage; we can sleep in small places, like Mum's cabin bag, while the Oldies have to try sleeping in the seats.

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