Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dubai Shopping

Dubai has the biggest shopping malls in the world. We walked around the Dubai Mall for several hours each day and in 6 days we didn't manage to see everything in it. One thing that I did find was a branch of my favourite shop, "Build a Bear". This shop had lots of things that I hadn't found in Australian branches, so most of my pocket money sort of disappeared. I came out of that shop with my very own iPawd and BlackBearie. These were very handy keeping me amused onn the flights home. The other thing I bought was something that I found in a souk near our hotel. Souks are Arab markets and you can find all sorts of fascinating stuff in them. What I found was this small camel. He has socks and a rug on his hump that are in the colours of the Emirates. I have named him Lot. He is really cute, my Camel Lot. That's the results of my Dubai shopping. Now I am saving for my next trip.


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