Thursday, June 28, 2012


Singapore Flyer Again

Here's another couple of photos of the SingyPaw Flyer. In the top one I am about half-way up the rising side of the wheel, looking along the Singapore River. The river is blocked by a barrage at its mouth now, but years ago it was packed with ships and small boats. Most of the people in Singapore live in high-rise apartment blocks. Large population and small land area makes this the sensible way to live, but the people have also made sure that there are lots of trees and gardens as well. The bottom photo was the "official tourist" photo taken by the operators of the Flyer, just to prove that we were there. Just look at Mum, she is mostly not there, almost a ghost. What happened to her? Well, she was wearing a green dress. The photographer takes your photo in front of a green screen and puts anything not green in your photo onto the standard image of the flyer. So most of Mum's part of the image disappeared, turning her into a cute ghost. Just another experience at the world's biggest Ferris wheel.


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