Saturday, June 23, 2012


SingyPaw's Giant Wheel

This is the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world. It is in SingyPaw (bear-speak for Singapore) and I have ridden it! It is called Singapore Flyer and it was being built when the Oldies were last in Singapore back in 2007. At the top, you are 42 stories high; that's 165 m or 451 ft. That's 30 m taller than the London Eye. It looks a long way up when you are in a gondola that looks like a big glass barrel. You get great views of the city from the Flyer. At the top you see for 45 km on a clear day (only about half that on the day we were there). One funny thing is that the wheel used to revolve in the other direction when it first started but some Feng-Shui gurus said it would be better running the other way so the direction of rotation was reversed. The makers obviously had small bears in mind because the gondolas have a rail just below the windows at the right spacing for my-size bears to ride on. I am looking out over Marina Bay to the port area where thousands of ships per week dock. The picture of the wheel was actually taken from the observation deck of the building you can see in the left of the bottom photo (more about that one later).


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