Sunday, July 08, 2012


A Clam-shaped Building

One day during our visit to Dubai we hired the Al Manzil car and driver and visited Abu Dhabi. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi has some strange and interesting buildings. This one is the headquarters of a company called Aldar. It is outside Abu Dhabi city at a place called Al Dana, which means "pearl" in Arabic, so the building is the shape of a pearl clam. The building is much bigger than it looks at first sight. It is 23 stories high, that's 124 m, but is only 36 m wide at the centre. Because it is surrounded by flat desert you can see it from miles away. You can get an idea of the size from the photo. Look for the window-cleaners in their carriage near the top of the building on the left of the cleaned area. You can also get an idea of the size of their job from the amount of dust on the right-hand side of the glass area. They must have one of those jobs where when you finish it once it is time to start all over again. No doubt about it, the Emirates are the place for spectacular architecture.

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