Monday, August 06, 2012


Cane Trains

One of the things that I love about travel is the chance to see so many trains, in museums and restored ones that are now running in tourist spots. Here's a couple of small ones that I found in Queensland while we were staying with Unka Ray and Aunty Libby. The top one is at the Ginger Factory at Buderim. It started life hauling logs in New Guinea and then was used in Qld to haul sugar cane to the mills. Now it takes tourists around the grounds of the Ginger Factory. It looks like a steamer, but in fact it is diesel powered and the steam engine is only for show. The bottom one is called Invicta and it runs in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, near the Hinkler Aviation Museum. It spent its working life hauling sugar cane to mills in the Bundaberg region. In 2008 it was fully restored and is now one of the five loco engines of the Australian Sugar Cane Railway. These little trains are great fun and are working reminders of the hugely important contribution of steam trains to Aussie industry. Do ride on them whenever you can.

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