Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Dubai Waterfall

This is the Waterfall in the Dubai Mall. Dubai hasn't got any real waterfalls, so they built one in the Mall. It is four stories high and has dozens of statues of people diving down the waterfall towards the pool at the bottom. We liked to stop for coffee and snacks at the cafe near the waterfall. Actually, I got into strife there during our first visit. The water looked so cool, and it was so hot outside, that I figured a quick dip would be just the shot. Well, I managed to climb up to the top of the fence while the Oldies weren't looking. I was all set to see if I could look as good as the statues while I dived in. But that eagle-eyed mother of mine saw me and hauled me back. What's the use of cool water in a hot desert city if small bears are not allowed to swim in it?


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