Monday, September 03, 2012


Jumierah Abras

Mina a'Salaam is a fantastic resort. It is built at one end of a 30 acre lagoon, a canal system that surrounds it and the Al Qasr. The most fun way to get around this part of the Jumierah resort complex is to use the abras. Abras are small traditional Arab ferry boats. Unlike most boats, you don't sit IN them, you sit ON them. Only the driver has a seat in a small cockpit that goes inside the hull. There are lots of abras that take you to any place around the lagoon where there is an abra station, so you can go to the souk (Arab market) or the spa or the ressertorornts (I just can't spell restaurant no matter how hard I try) by boat. For a small bear that loves boats, that makes travel around this resort the next thing to heaven. With golf buggies and abras to ride I had a great 3 days at Mina a'Salaam.

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