Monday, September 03, 2012


Jumierah Buggy

We stayed in two places when we were in Dubai. The second one was a big resort called Mina a'Salaam, right on the Arabian Gulf. It is part of a group of resort hotels that includes Al Qasr, Jumierah Beach Resort, and the fabulous Burj Al Arab. If you stay in one of these places you can use the facilities of most of the others. There are 2km of private beaches that you can use. There are golf buggies running a shuttle service around the whole complex and we did several trips, day and night, to get photos. The drivers soon get to know you and some of them let me help drive. So here we are out on the jetty at one end of the complex, and zooming along the road near one of the beaches. There aren't any hills like there on Hamilton Island, the other place that I've used buggies. Golf buggies are great for this sort of transport and I wonder why more places don't use them.

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