Sunday, October 21, 2012


Atlantis Aquarium Again

The biggest aquarium tank I have ever seen is the main one at Atlantis in Dubai. As well as gazillions of fish, the tanks have been made to look like the remains of a sunken city. It is very impressive and the fish really like the artificial reefs that the "ruins" make. The main tank holds all the sorts of fish that live in the Arabian Gulf, and smaller tanks hold examples of species from around the world. The other thing that makes Atlantis an interesting place to visit is the way that the paths through the aquarium are all made in tunnels and the walls are covered with fantasy artifacts and writing, supposedly Atlantean. I found some of the stuff a bit scary, particularly this giant warrior. I think he is not real, but I can't be sure; I was climbing on his axe thingies one minute and the next thing I was grabbed and Dad had to rescue me.  (For a bigger view of Bart in the grip of the Atlantean Giant, just click the image. - Dad)

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