Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm 10 !!!

I have just had the bestest birthday a small bear could possibly have. I turned 10 years old on Monday, but the party was not until Wednesday. A bit mean of the Oldies to keep me waiting, but they did it in style for me. The Oldies, Scruffy, Milkshake, Blu, Darcy and I all went down to a great place called Bannisters at Mollymook, on the south coast. We had a beaut room with a balcony looking out to sea. You could actually see whales swimming past on their way south for the summer. I saw a mother whale and her calf just off the edge of the cliff. But birthdays are all about presents and there were two parcels there with my name on them. A joint effort by all us small critters quickly ripped the wrappings away and guess what we found? A camo tent big enough for us all fit into and a kit of the 15th century Da Vinci catapult! The tent was placed out on the balcony and we spent the rest of the 2-day break watching for whales. Dad and I are building the catapult right now. Birthdays are fantastic for kids and small bears.

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