Monday, October 08, 2012


Still Sick!

Mum is STILL sick. It has been weeks and weeks now and she still has to be raced into hospital every few days for emergency treatment. It seems like the bugs that are causing the trouble learn to live with the medicines that are being pumped into her. This week we see the absolute top specialists, so maybe Mum will finally be back to her special self. In the meantime, I am meeting lots of nice nurses and seeing lots of interesting medical stuff. Here's how they pump stuff into Mum. It actually is a pump with a syringe attached that sends stuff down a tube through a needle into Mum's vein. Poor Mum has had so many needles poked into her since this trouble started that it getting hard to find an un-bruised vein to use. I hope she gets better soon. Small bears need their Mum.


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