Monday, December 31, 2012


At The Pointy End

Ever since the "Titanic" movie, people have this strange urge to stand right at the bow of the ship they are on and do a "Kate and Leo". Some ships, like the "Queen Mary 2", don't allow passengers to get right to the bow, but on "Voyager of the Seas" you can stand right at the pointy end and look down at the bow wave. So, here are Mum and I doing our "K&L". Of course, the right way to do it is to lean forward while hugging, but the wind was strong and Dad would have had to fly out ahead of the ship to get a photo like that, so we did it in reverse. The actual very front of the ship is in the marked off area, but we got as close as we could. I escaped while the Oldies were talking and managed to start climbing the ropes to the top of the little mast, but Dad caught me and Mum read me the Riot Act. Don't Oldies understand the urges that small bears get?

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