Monday, February 04, 2013


Bear Boating on the Voyager

"Voyager of the Seas" has everything, including a great area for kids to play in. There is a special shallow pool and lots of games, but the best thing is this pirate ship. Scruffy and I found out that the best time to go to the play area was on days when the ship was in port and the kids were off on day trips with their Oldies. We had the whole area to ourselves some days. There is a great Burger place called "Johnny Rockets" nearby, so the Oldies could feed their faces and watch us and make sure we didn't sneak into the pool. The pirate ship is just the right size for small bears and we had loads of fun playing Blackbear the Terrible and his faithful first mate Sinbear the Scrufulous. I can't wait to go cruising again, it is the best thing for Oldies, kids and small bears.

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