Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Castle Hill

The most prominent thing you see in Townsville is a big hill called Castle Hill, right in the centre of town. It is 286 metres high and you can drive right to the top of it, like we did on our way up to Cairns for the eclipse last year. Actually, the settlement was originally called Castletown; it changed its name to Townsville in 1865. You get great views of Townsville from the top of Castle Hill. There are trails that let you walk right around the summit, so you can see the whole city and surrounding country. During WW2 the hill was a communications and observation post with a radar station and lots of searchlights. The remains of some of the buildings are still there. In the background of the bottom picture you can see Magnetic Island. You can learn a bit more about that island from my earlier posts.

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