Thursday, March 28, 2013


Going Bush With Mark & Vicki

We are just back from a few days at Unka Mark and Aunty Vicki's new place down the south coast. They have bought a block of bushland a few kilometers inland from the coast near Eden and they intend to live there when they retire. At present they take a caravan down when they stay there. It is a very pretty spot with a big clear area on a ridge where they can build a house, a big shed, a garden and a chook pen, and there is lots of forest too. In fact their block is bounded by a State Forest, so there are lots of animals and birds around. We took one special animal down with us. Any "farm" needs a cow, so we took my friend Gracita (pronounced Grass-Eater) down to christen the block. You can see Grassy and I "hanging around" on Aunty Vicki's clothesline; it was fun until somebody spun it. Of course Dad and Unka Mark had to go one better, so they strung a long rope from a tree branch and used a shoe bag and a clamp to make a flying-fox that we could zoom down. That experiment came to a halt when Dad pointed out some spider holes in the ground where they were standing. We think they were wolf spider tunnels. The Old Guys then wandered off into the bush to see what else they could find. I love the block and hope we go down there often.

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