Friday, May 03, 2013


High Over Hobart

Sometimes a cruise will let you get to places that you have tried but always failed to reach. Mt Wellington near Hobart in Tasmania is one such place. Mum had seven tries before this to get to the top, but the road had been closed by fog, cloud, rain, snow, landslides, high wind and maybe even alien invasion. She thought she would never get there. But one of the day tours that "Voyager of the Seas" offers in Hobart includes Mt Wellington, and it was a clear and reasonably calm day while we were there. She finally made it to the top. The mountain is 1,271 m high and from the top you get spectacular views of Hobart and the Derwent estuary. We could easily see Voyager at the dock, it really is a huge ship. The drive up Mt Wellington is really interesting, you pass through lowland rainforest, then open eucalyptus woodland, then low scrub and finally a bare, rocky summit. Do make the effort to get to the top if you are in Hobart, hopefully you won't need as many tries as Mum did.

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