Monday, May 13, 2013


Singapore Skypark

Probably the most impressive building in SingyPaw is the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which Dad calls the "cricket stumps" building. Across the top of the three towers is a fantastic thing called the Skypark. This is an area of big swimming pools and gardens. Unfortunately, you can't get into the main park unless you are staying in the hotel. Fortunately, you can go up to the public observation deck at what looks like the bow of the boat-shaped Skypark. Mum and I always take Dad up to high observation areas because he is not really comfortable with heights. Anyhow, the view of Singapore from the deck is spectacular. You can see that it is much higher than the Singapore Flyer, and that is the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world. I would like to try my parachute from there, but the deck is surrounded by high glass walls and anyway the Oldies wouldn't let me jump.


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