Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Karnak, Colossal

Egypt is one of the highlights of the Oldies' lives, so they say. Actually, I thought having me around should be the continuing highlight. Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures that show just how colossal some of the ancient Egyptian monuments are. Dad is busy photographing hieroglyphs on the columns of the Great Hypostyle Hall in the temple at Karnak. The columns are 24m high and were covered in carvings. Many of the carvings were broken when some of the columns fell and the restored columns are smooth in the lost areas. You can see how much darker it is inside the Hall by comparing it with the second photo, where Mum is standing near a statue of Ramses the Great and his daughter, Bent'anta. Ramses wasn't that much bigger than Mum or his daughter; the size of the statue indicates how important he considered himself. In this case he is about 7 times bigger (i.e. more important) than Bent'anta and Mum. I dispute that; nobody is more important than Mum! The Oldies took over 9,000 photos in Egypt and Mum and I have been translating the hieroglyphs ever since they got back from the trip.
It's a real shame to see Egypt in the troubled state it is in at present. I hope that common sense will prevail and it will be once again a beautiful country full of beautiful people.

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