Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Flower Time Again

Guess what? It has actually been warm for a couple of days. Maybe our cold, wet winter has started to go away. Canberra celebrates the start of Spring with a flower festival, Floriade. You can see pictures from previous years Floriades if you use the search tool. Since Monday was warm, the Oldies took me to see what this year's show was like. Well, I think it is a lot smaller than last year, but still very pretty. The acres of flowers look great and there are lots of places for a small bear to hide and scare insects; have you spotted me in the pot of yellow flowers? (click on the image for a larger size). There were two special things. In one of the ponds there is a gigantic rubber duck! I wanted to swim out and meet him, but you know what Mum thinks about me getting wet, so Dad took me down to the edge of the pond for a close look. The real surprise was a mother Brush-tail Possum feeding her joey in a tree by the path. Normally possums don't come out until night, but this one was not bothered by the daylight or the hordes of people taking photos. It is a bit hard to see the baby in the photo; it is cuddled up alongside the mother, giving her a smooch. We watched the baby being feed, cleaned and put back to sleep clinging onto the mother possum's back. That's something that you don't get to see everyday.

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