Monday, October 21, 2013


Another Fun Weekend

This has been a great weekend in Canberra, although there are huge fires burning around Sydney. I am sad to hear that lots of the Blue Mountains are burning. You can see pictures of my holiday there if you search the blog. Here it was warm and sunny but with a lot of smoke from the fires. On Saturday we got all of our telescopes out for a group photo. There are a 10" Dobsonian, 6" and 8" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrains, a special Coronado Personal Solar Telescope, and a 60cm Meade spotting scope. It looks like a bit of overkill, but each one has its own special use. And they make good climbing frames when the Oldies aren't looking. On Sunday we met Unka Mark and Aunty Vicki for lunch at a cafe in the riverside park in Queanbeyan. This park has had a lot of work done to it since I was there last. The gate is made of old tools welded together. I found hammers, spades, shovels, rakes, horse shoes, rabbit traps and some things that I don't know the name of. Another area has an old plow and bits of farm machinery. I couldn't quite work out what the wheel on the plow did. The strangest thing was a ginourmous snail. This thing was taller than the Oldies. I managed to climb up and grab one of the eye-stalks but couldn't get the snail to move. Sunny days in parks are one of my favourite things.

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