Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Back to the Beach !!

We spent the weekend at Mollymook, down on the south coast. The Oldies needed a mini-break and the beach is always the best for that. Now, just look at the beach. It is high tide and at low tide the sand is over twice as wide between the grass and the water. The sand is fine and deep. Makes Waikiki look a bit second-rate doesn't it ? The beach here is over 2 Km long and has rocky headlands at each end. There is a large rock platform at the southern end and it has lots of pretty rock pools full of sea life. Unfortunately it is under those waves you can see breaking at the end of the beach and you can only get there at low tide so I didn't make it this trip. Next time I will check the tide tables before the Oldies book accommodation. However, Mum actually let me get almost wet. She carried me down to just past the edge of the area where the waves were coming to and let me bounce over the waves. Maybe next trip she will let me go in on my own, or maybe she might drop me. I really would like to swim in the surf like Dad does.

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