Thursday, April 03, 2014



Mum and I are devoted Trekkies. Mum has seen every episode and film from way back when Star Trek first showed in Australia. Dad used to watch the TV series during long, cold nights at the telescope. We have all seen the various Star Trek movies. So it is only natural that eventually Dad and I would build a model of the USS Enterprise, particularly after the last two movies. Actually we already have a USS Enterprise in our model collection, the WW2 aircraft carrier, but that's another story. Anyhow, the starship model had to be the original NCC-1701 and it took a lot of searching of hobby shops to find a model of it. The one we eventually found was ancient, dating back to 1987. In modelling terms, it was a filler queen, i.e. the parts had loads of flash to be trimmed, the fit of parts was atrocious, lots of filler had to be poured into the seams to fill them  and much sanding was needed to smooth the joins. It took lots of work, but as you can see the finished model is OK. For its first mission we sent it exploring out toward the Southern Cross, courtesy of Photoshop and an image from the Stromlo Observatory archive. Not a bad effort for a small bear and an ancient Dad.


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