Friday, July 18, 2014


Build-a-Bear Canberra Is Open!

At last! Build-a-Bear has opened a shop in Canberra. I love their shops because you can get so many things for small bears there. Naturally, I was there soon after opening day, looking for bargains. Not that I buy anything, I just point out to the Oldies how great the things I like would be if somebody gave them to me for birthday or Christmas or something. It works. Most of the things eventually turn up. Occasionally there are silly clothes as well; I suspect Mum has a lot to do with that. So here I am climbing the display racks to check out the stock. Also trying out the bear spa. I was not allowed to try the shower, but the blow-dryer that I am sitting under was fun. Anybody with a small bear should take them to Build-a-Bear.


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