Friday, December 12, 2014


A Tunnel Of Lights

One of the things that I love doing is checking out the Christmas light displays. Search Christmas lights in the blog search box for photos from other years. In the city centre there is a big tunnel absolutely covered in lights. It is an attempt for Canberra to once again get into the "Guiness Book of Records" for the most Christmas lights in one display. Last year a family in Forrest made the record, but the traffic was horrendous in the suburb so this year they combined with some sponsors and moved the lights (plus a lot of new ones) into the city. The lights are computer-controlled to change colour in time to Christmas carol music.Personally, I don't think it is as spectacular as it was in previous years at Forrest because there are a lot of statues and big baubles that weren't bought into the city, but it still looks good and will probably get the record again. Can you find the bear in all the images? You may notice that I don't read signs where Santa is involved. Only 12 more sleeps to go and small kids and bears are getting excited!

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