Thursday, January 01, 2015


Santa Sent Me A Vespa!!

Wow! What a surprise. Of course I was up early on Christmas morning. What small bear wouldn't be. Thinks: "What? Only one Bart present near the tree? Wait on, it's a big one, maybe something extra special." I needed help from the Oldies to get the Santa bag onto the table where I could undo it and see what was inside. My very own Vespa motor scooter. And with extra features added to make it fit a small bear. With Royal Aussie Bear Force insignia, like some of my other vehicles. Extra control panels - I am still trying to sort out what some of the dials and switches are for. Working headlight and horn. A motor that turns on and revs up when I push the right paddle down. Bling buttons to work the break levers. Everything that a small bear's scooter should have. How does Santa know what the special, sensational presents for everybody should be? Actually, I have a bit of a clue in this case. I caught Dad working on modifying one of these Vespas a few months ago. He said it was a special Santa job for a special small person living nearby. Does Santa employ Oldies as helpers? Hmmm... Dad does have elf ears that he wears to parties sometimes. There just may be a link here.

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