Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Postcard From Near The Pole

Guess what; I got special mail today. A postcard from Aunty Lib & Unka Ray. Not just an ordinary postcard from somewhere everybody goes. This one was posted from Port Lockroy, one of the most southern post offices on Earth. Aunty Lib & Unka Ray were on a cruise to Antarctica and took spectacular pictures of icebergs and whales. Naturally, they didn't get to the South Pole but the edge of the ice is close enough. The advantage of having globe-trotting (or in Unka Ray's case, globe-tottering) friends is that you get pictures of places that you may never get to. I don't think the Oldies will ever take me to Antarctica. Actually, this card is not of a place but of a critter. It is a small Adelie penguin chick who has got far too wet for comfort and looks really cranky about it. Mum says that it is a good picture of what happens when small critters don't do what they are told, and it shows just why she won't let me go swimming. The small inserts are bits of the letter side. They show the postmark and the stamp with Adelie penguins on it. I hope the little guy grows up to be one of these handsome, mischievous birds.

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