Monday, April 27, 2015


Pirates Ahoy!

A portrait has just been found of one of my ancestors, Blackbear the Terrible (actually it's a card Mum made yesterday). Readers should remember that Santa gave me pirate gear for Christmas in 2013. I am Black Bart the Horrendous. Piracy runs in my family, maybe that's why I love cruising so much. On "Radiance of the Seas" I had a small crew with me, Scruffy and Milkshake. We were good pirates this time, tasked with ensuring the safety of Radiance and all who sailed in her. We needed to check out the lifeboat situation and were a bit worried that passengers were told to leave everything but passports behind if the ship had to be abandoned. "What about all the toy animals?" we thought and searched hard for a solution. We found it in the Schooner Bar - a small tugboat just the right size to save hundreds of sinking critters. If the worst had happened and Radiance had hit an iceberg, we would have had the tug out through the window and been busy collecting struggling small animals before the big lifeboats were fully launched. I hope future travelers on Radiance keep this salvage tug in mind, just in case there are no pirate bears and cows on board.

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