Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Sailing Out Of Sydney

We just finished a cruise on the best ship we have been on so far. This small bear thinks "Radiance of the Seas" is just about perfect. The happy and efficient crew made for a happy trip. Not a long cruise this time, just 7 days to Noumea and Isle of Pines and return. In case you have been watching the news about cruise ships not being able to get into Sydney for the past 2 days, due to horrendous weather, we actually docked a day before the harbour had to be closed. We had good weather for the whole cruise. Radiance is not as big as Voyager or QM2, but I liked not having to walk so far to get from our cabin to where things were happening, and there was always something interesting happening. Sailing out of Sydney is always special, it is a truly beautiful harbour. At the very start of the voyage Mum took a great picture of the Opera House. We have many pictures of it, but the angle from the top deck gives a more 3D effect than you get from the ground, and the lighting makes it really pretty. Lots more pix of ship and shore posting soon.

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