Thursday, May 21, 2015


Radiant Centrum

The most spectacular part of "Radiance of the Seas" is the Centrum. As its name suggests, this is a large open area at the centre of the ship. It reaches all the way up from deck 4 to deck 12. The glass elevator lobbies are on each deck of Centrum. Shops, bars, lounges and passenger service areas all are located around the Centrum, or in corridors nearby. It is most impressive at night, when it is lit up by changing coloured lighting. The top photos show one of the glass stairs where people pose for portraits, and a view of the many balconies that overlook Centrum. The balconies mean that even if you can't get up close through the crowds on deck 4 to see and hear the activities that take place on the floor of Centrum, you can usually see and hear from a balcony on a higher deck. The bottom photos are: looking down from deck 12, past the hanging artwork, and looking up from deck 4 to the Crown and Anchor lounge, which is like a flying saucer suspended in the top of Centrum. All of the ships I have been on have a special "centrepiece", but I think that Radiance's Centrum is the best so far.

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