Saturday, July 11, 2015


Isle Of Pines Beaches

What a lousy week we have had. Mum was carted off to hospital last Sunday night in extreme pain. She has only just been released as an outpatient and will have to be back for lots of more tests this week. I am a bit annoyed because she went to hospital in an ambulance and the paramedics didn't invite me to ride with them. Anyhow, with Mum in one hospital and Dad having cancer treatment in another one I have been really busy looking after the house. Now a really cold snap has hit Canberra and the rest of south-east Australia and it's wet and miserable outside. I hope that it brings snow so I can make my first snowbear. Cold, wet weather makes me wish I was back on one of the nice beaches that my travels have taken me to. These two are on the Isle of Pines. They are close to the pier where the ship's boats let passengers ashore. The top one is Kanumera Bay and it has a good patch of fringing reef for snorkelling. The little island at the far end of the beach is a sacred place and visitors aren't allowed to set foot on it. The bottom beach is at Kuto Bay. This is a good beach for kids as it has a nice sandy bottom, not rocky like at Kanumera. You can see "Radiance of the Seas" moored in the background, and the pier is just off the left side of the image. The tree was good climbing for a small bear.

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