Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Local Bus, Great Touring

Gosh, it has been a fortnight since my last post. Problem is that Dad is at the hospital every day for his radiation cancer treatment and I need him to check my spelling and grammar. So back to pictures from our last cruise. We usually use local tours rather than those organized by the ship. The standard of transport is not as good, but the local guides are usually very happy to show you their home turf and to tell you stories about it. At the Isle of Pines we took a round-the-island tour on this small bus. That's Mum in the seat by the door; the best views while traveling are from that seat if you can win the rush for it. Dad says that the most interesting thing about the bus, mechanically, was the way it managed with absolutely minimal suspension. Our guide/driver was Christopher, who has lived all his life on the island. He let me help start the bus and close the door before we started. He also has a small family of Aussie bears on the windscreen of the bus (OK, they are koalas, not real bears, but they do look similar to me and I am supposed to be a bear. The Oldies reckon there must be a fair bit of koala in my ancestry). We saw most of the special places on the island and I have some great photos to show you soon.

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