Monday, February 29, 2016


Examples of Art Deco

Mum was hyper in Napier. She took hundreds of photos of details of Art Deco stuff, even the tiny details on doorknobs. Here are a few examples of her images. The top two are inside the National Tobacco Company building. All of the columns that are part of the structure of the building, or just ornamental, are decorated with sculpted vines and flowers. The windows have coloured glass art on them. Even the door hinges, handles and knobs are decorated. An Art Deco lover could spend hours in this building; we had to just about drag Mum away to see the rest of the town. Of course, she found the Art Deco shops and got all excited by the jewellery and the figurines. Actually, I thought the little ladies were very nice. In one of the streets there is a life-size statue of a lady like these, with a funny-looking dog on a leash. Across the road there is a statue of a small boy climbing a streetlight pole. There is probably a lot more statues that I didn't see, but we will be back. The photo in the middle? Well, I said that Mum was impressed by Art Deco jewellery so when she found these left-over bits from the extras in "The Great Gatsby" the result was inevitable.

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